Looking for a painter in Margate, NJ?

We’ve been painting houses in Margate, NJ for over ten years now. There are several companies that you can choose from, but it’s important you consider all factors when hiring a painting company to paint your home.

Hiring a pro is a must and will take the anxiety out of painting in your home. Finding the right company for the job is a big decision and should receive considerable attention. Here’s a few tips for putting the right person in place for your painting project:

Speak to other homeowners

A solid way to ensure your getting a good painting contractor for your job is to ask around. Margate, NJ is a small town, but has plenty of intelligent, objective homeowners. , You’ll be sure to get good information both good and bad from your friends and neighbors. You can also head over to the local paint store in Somer’s Point, NJ to get referrals.

Get a few estimates

It’s always a good idea to get a few prices. Painters in Longport, NJ may price completely different than painters in Ventnor, NJ, but that does not mean your comparing apples to apples. Quotes for comparable jobs should fall within a similar price range, but if they don’t – make sure you know why.

Speak with the owner of each company

Ask the follow of each owner:

•Do you paint, or just hire other painters?

•Are you fully insured?

•Are you licensed to work in Margate, NJ?

•Do you have references in Margate, Ventnor or Longport NJ?

•Do you offer written guarantees of your work?

•Do you use quality products (paint)

Get detailed

Take each contractor through your Margate home. If it’s a beach house in Margate, make sure your paying attention to the details, the salt air can destroy a paint job in less than a year. Make sure to highlight detailed areas of your Margate home as they can cause “extras” on your bill if they aren’t discussed up front. Discuss the job with your painter in as much detail as possible so your quote if accurate.

Get a feel for the personality of your painter

Sounds like a poker game, but this is your vacation home in Margate New Jersey. It’s important to understand the following:

•Confidence and professionalism. Does your painter possess these traits?

•Does the contractor seem clean and put together?

•Good painters are usually busy. Is your contractor working currently? Was he on time for the meeting?

•Phone behavior. Does he/she return calls promptly? Do they rush you off the phone.

Check References

Make sure you follow up with neighbors from your Margate, NJ home. Do they know who your about to hire? Are there other homes in Margate that you can visit to see the quality of work?

In Summary

Have you chosen a house painter in Margate, NJ? Once you’v picked someone, make sure there’s a physical contract in place. Ask questions you don’t understand before signing. Homes in Southern New Jersey are tougher to paint due to the salt air, so make sure you’ve gone over all the details so you can enjoy the paint job on your Margate home for years to come.

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